Ray Lindenberg and the good workers of SOS (Select Office Suites) have been extremely generous to PKD research over the past 15 months. When my manager, Bill Brazell, moved into 116 W. 23rd Street as an employee of Federated Media in September 2006, he waited a few days before asking Ray, the SOS manager, if SOS ever donated money to charity. “Let me see what I can do,” said Ray. He came back to Bill a few days later with an envelope holding $520 in cash.

A few months later, Ray suggested a White Elephant Sale for PKD. Bill wasn’t even sure what a White Elephant Sale was, but the next thing he knew, his colleagues at the other 95 small companies that rent space on his floor were bringing in old books, ash trays, boom boxes, watches, and in one case, a very valuable pair of crystal glasses. Once he got it, Bill brought a few things, too. Ray organized the sale, and Bertha and other SOS employees staffed it. In just a few days, the sale brought in $1,300 even as it increased awareness of PKD.

As the 2007 Walk for PKD approached, Bill was reluctant to ask Ray for more help. But he thought of his relatives, and asked Ray if SOS might please help with the Walk. Again Ray passed the hat, and this time came back with $810.

So in the past 15 months, Ray and SOS have raised more than $2,600 for PKD. And Ray would like to do more. What a great guy! His support means so much to Bill and to everyone who’s dealing with PKD, which Ray referred to last night as SOS’s “malady of choice.” Heh. Awesome. We’ll take it. Thank you, Ray, and thank you, everyone at SOS.

The photo above depicts me thanking them last night, at the annual SOS Holiday Party (photographed by the intrepid John Schneider). Ray is behind me and to the right as you look at the picture, near the microwave. Also in the photo are Brian Mattlin from Mattlin Mandell; a great guy named Kenny (great name, too), who used to work the night shift at SOS before moving to North Carolina, but came back for the party; and Lee Mandell, also of Mattlin Mandell.

Also at last night’s party I was able to thank Travis Donia and Liz Copic for their support on the web site and in general, and Halley Hopkins and Pin-Bo Tsai. Halley encouraged Rob Czar and Corinne Leigh to make my outfit, and Travis made this site. Thanks, guys! I would literally be nothing without you. — Kenny

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  1. Ray Lindenberg:

    It’s been our pleasure as a community to support our good neighbor Bill Brazell and our “Malady of Choice PKD”, and it will continue to be so until PKD is no longer around as a malady to choose. We hope to see the day when the only malady that Bill Brazell may be afflicted by is that gosh-awful RSP (Redasoxaphilia)!

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