Matt Fulgieri is doing cystic kidneys and their owners a renal favor by getting the word out about his donation. Even if you’re not a kidney, it’s a great story: The guy who booked Matt’s wedding five years ago just gave him his kidney. What a marvelous gift Mr. Rick Bellando has given — not only to Matt, but, as Matt notes, Matt’s sons, wife, and everyone who knows them both. The ripple effect of a gift like this is dramatic: everyone who hears about it is moved. How could you not be? They knew each other just five years. They’re not related. Rick has three kids of his own. He could have decided the risk to them wasn’t worth it. But as he read a story to one of his daughters, he said, “I kept thinking about his little boys, and how unfair it was to them.”

So he gave Matt a kidney. The gift is so fantastic and amazing that this kidney has no other words for it. Fantastic. Amazing. Rinse. Repeat.

See how cool kidneys are? Unlike hearts, stomachs and almost everything else, we know how to share.

Nothing wrong with those other organs, of course. We all need each other.

I’m just saying.

Thank you, Rick, and all kidney donors everywhere. — Kenny

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