Travis Donia is such a renal guy that he made sure the word “renal” was defined in the urban dictionary. That just rocks. He made sure “cystic” was there, too. ‘Cause you can’t have the good without the bad; can’t have the supreme without the dehydrated.

And Sharon Flood is renal for a whole other reason — well, *two* whole other reasons: ‘Cause she’s throwing a fancy kidney party just before giving her brother her kidney. What a supremely renal gal!

This kindly man feels uncomfortable because he needed both kidneys of a two-year-old in order to live. But that’s the way the organ shortage works. As Jeff Goldblum said in “Jurassic Park,” life, uh … finds a way.

Finally tonight: Matt Fulgieri’s story has run in Canada, India, and the legendary Russian newspaper Pravda. “Pravda” is Russian for “truth,” and “Izvestia,” which used to be the other major newspaper there, is Russian for “news.” In the former Soviet Union, Russians used to joke that there was no pravda in “Izvestia,” and no izvestia in “Pravda.” Now there’s a Fulgieri in “Pravda,” and that’s some good Izvestia …. — Kenny

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