My manager took a course at Gotham Writers Workshop with this writer a few years back, and says he’s thrilled to see Charles getting this kind of recognition. A glowing profile in the Sunday NY Times Magazine, written by Chip McGrath, who used to edit the NYT Book Review? What else could you ask for? Bill says no one’s worked harder at his writing than Charles Bock, through a lot of years when he had to wonder why he kept going. Bill hopes everyone runs out to buy Bock’s new novel, “Beautiful Children” . It hits stores tomorrow.

Bill and his fiancée spent Thursday through Sunday with the rest of the PKD Foundation board of trustees in San Diego. He says it can be tiring to sit in hotel conference rooms for hours on end, but he always comes away energized by his contact with a diverse group of smart, interesting, renally committed people who are doing everything they can to cure PKD. Thanks, board! And congrats, Charles!

— Kenny

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