I’m just a kidney, but I can’t help but note this gaffe in a document from McCain’s camp. This is how the document reads:


• Liberal Bloggers Questioned Whether Gov. Palin’s Fifth Child Was Actually Bristol Palin’s Child.

“‘Where has Bristol Palin (far right, holding Trig, with a ring on her wedding finger) been for the past year? Has she been attending high school? Or was she absent because of infectious mononucleosis for between five and eight months, as is now being reported on the Internet? Why would a 43-year-old woman, on her fifth pregnancy, with a Down syndrome child, after her amniotic fluid has started to leak, not go to the nearest hospital immediately, even if she was in Texas for a speech? Why would she not only not go to the hospital in Texas, but take an eight-hour plane flight to Seattle and then Anchorage? Why would she choose to deliver the baby not in the nearest major facility in Anchorage but at a much smaller hospital near her home town? Why did the flight attendants on the trip home say she bore no signs of being pregnant?’ It strikes me as likely that there are reasonable answers to these questions — more reasonable than the only one given so far” (Andrew Sullivan, “Things That Make You Go Hmmm,” The Atlantic’s “The Daily Dish” Blog, Posted 8/31/08)

I realize the McCain people are just discovering the Internet, but can’t they at least *ask* someone? Andrew Sullivan’s been around a long time. Anyone who pays any attention to politics knows that he’s a conservative Roman Catholic. He’s an independent thinker, sure. And he’s gay, which does give him a unique spin. But liberal? Don’t think so, folks. — Kenny

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  1. Anne:

    Now that the media is no longer giving John McCain a pass on his lies and his numerous gaffes, they have suddenly become the “liberal” machine. He is also using this tactic to silence any criticism of Sarah Palin, regardless of whether it is justified.

    His demonstrable use of the low road–shown in a particularly dishonest and dumbed down campaign–is too obvious for anyone to overlook. Now, even long-time friends and political allies like Andrew Sullivan can’t help noticing it.
    It is incomprehensible that evangelicals–who pride themselves on being moral–insist on voting for someone who is proving himself to be anything but moral.

    In addition to his cluelessness on the economy, he is showing that the real John McCain lacks the honor, integrity, and moral character to be president.

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